Commissioned art work for a wedding present

This illustration is of a home in Tobago 

Commission for a home in Vancover, Canada

Commissioned art work made into a fine art print of a family 

Commissioned art work of Bowringsleigh House Devon

Illustration made for Troy Asset Management office in Edinburgh

This fine art print was commissioned by a group of friends to give their friend as a 50th birthday present

This illustration made into a fine art print was a present from a son to his mother on her 40th birthday 

Commission for Homesone Ltd

A fine art print commissioned by a daughter to her mother as birthday present

Commissioned illustration for homesoneltd

Commissioned print for

Commissioned print of El.Flook Morocco

A 70th birthday present from a wife to her husband. The illustration shows the whole family together

Family scene outside their home in county cork

 A family home and the family dog.. it is a gift from a wife to her husband

Family commission 2021

A commission of the house where they met, given from a husband to his wife

Family home with the family, dogs, and cars outside. This was a commission by the family

Family home with the family and their dogs outside. I made this illustration as a gift from the family to the owner of the house

A family on their favourite beach with their dogs and their boat.

Family portrait and home in Italy to raise money for St.Carthage Cathedral Lismore Co Cork, Ireland

Family portrait and their home

This is an illustration commission of a family, their dogs, their vintage car collection and their home

An illustration commissioned by the parents to give to the teacher as an end of primary school present. The school is John Scottus National school Dublin Ireland

A gift from a daughter to a mother. The print depicts her mothers horses

An art deco building on Albemarle street London W1. It was commissioned by Troy asset management,

44 Davies Street, London W1. It was commissioned by Troy Asset Management,

15 St. James Place London W1. It was commissioned by Troy Asset Management

 An illustration for Troy asset management it is being hung in their foyer, 33 Davies Street, London W1

a couple and their home

family commission for

a family outside their home 

Christmas gift 

estate map to

Family portrait commission

Commission for Honest History Magazine.

Commission for wedding at Ballyfin.

Family portrait commission

Illustration of Royal Hospital London

Family portrait commission

Family portrait commission

Family home commission

Family home commission

Family portrait commission

Illustration of St. Thomas's School, London

Estate map for Ballymaloe cookery school

Wedding gift

Family commission 

Family commission 

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